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Duration: 50 Hours.

HW & SW Introduction:

HW -- 4 Hrs

HW Introduction
Architecture of Different HW Devices

SW -- 4 Hrs

SW introduction
Languages and Software Development Introduction to OS
Types of OS

Database Concepts 4 Hrs

Database Architecture and Concepts Types of Database
In Depth discussion of Oracle Database and Architecture

ERP Introduction

ERP and its background Different types of ERPs Evolution of SAP
Different versions of SAP

New dimensional components of SAP Modules of each SAP component

SAP Net weaver Architecture

NW Introduction
Components of NW Core Architecture
Application servers, Central Instance, Dialog instance ABAP and Java Stacks
Message servers, Dispatchers WPs and the types
System Landscape

SAP Components

Coré Component and functionality
NEW Dimensional components and basis introduction of these functionality Modules of SAP components
Roles in SAP application

Basis introduction to ABAP and T-Codes
Basis introduction to SAP technical work flow


Layers of SAP Application
Pre-requisites for SAP installation

SAP installation

DB installation
Application server installation Front End installation
Start and Stop SAP Post installation
Hosts and Services files

Directory Structure of SAP

Client Administration

Client Concept Create clients
Prerequisite for Client Copy

SCCL and Client Export/Import, Copy Logs and monitoring of Client Copy

TMS, Support packs and Addons

TMS introduction & configuration
TMS functionality and methods to use Support packs and installation
ABAP and Java Patching Kernel upgrade/Patching

General Administration

Daily,Weekly and monthly monitoring the system health. T-Codes related to System monitoring.
Background Jobs administration

Spool architecture and administration Language installation
Oss notes and SAP service marketplace SAP NET uses.
Performance tuning methods and implantation.

Database administration

Oracle Database concepts Monitoring Tablespaces SAPDBA/BR Tools
DB Activities and T-Codes

New Dimensional products

Introduction to BW/BI.
Installation of BW/BI and integration with ECC and other backend systems Introduction, installation of SCM and basis integration with ECC
Introduction of CRM, SRM, XI, Portal etc and their integration.