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Duration: 50Hr.


Data Warehouse Introduction 
BW / BI Introduction
SAP Landscape OSS
Standard Naming convention in SAP- BI Discussion Groups

Part I: Data warehousing

Unit 1: Data warehouse concepts and Overview

Star Schema

Snow Flake Schema

Datawarehouse and Datamart
Measures, Dimensions and Facts Level and Hierarchy
Slowly Changing & Confirmed Dimensions
Aggregates, Aggregation Strategy, Compression Ratio, Indexing Strategy

Unit 2: Business Warehouse Concepts and Overview

Business Warehouse Architecture Extended Star Schema
DIM / SID Tables Data Storage
Data Acquisition
Reporting and Analysis Tools

Part II: Data Modeling

Unit 3: Info Objects of Business Warehouse

InfoArea ,Infoobject ,InfoObject Catalog
Info Object Definitions : Characteristics , Key Figures, Time and Unit Dimension / Key Figures

Unit 4: Data Storage of Business Warehouse

Basic Cube / Transactional Cube Virtual/Remote Cube
SAP- NetWeaver BI 7.0 Course Contents Proprietary and Confidential

ODS / Data Store Object ( DSO ) PSA
Aggregates InfoSets

Non-R3 Data Module Compression
Indexes and Partition

Unit 5: Understanding Business Content

Business Content, How to install BI contents. FIGL/FIAP/FIAR Business Contents

Part III: Extraction, Transformation and Loading

Unit 6: ETL Overview

R/3 Data ETL Process Flat File ETL Process Monitor
Source System DB connect

Unit 7: Master Data Process

Master Data ( Attributes , Texts and Hierarchies ) Extract Structure – DataSource/Transfer Structure Communication Structure
Transfer / Update Rules / Transformations Hierarchies
Info Package

Unit 8: Transaction Data Process

R3 / Flat File Data Delta Extraction Standard BC
Custom Table Extraction

Creation of Data Transfer Process ( DTP ) Info Package
Process Chain InfoSpoke

Part IV: Reports and Analysis Tools

Unit 9: BEx Query Designer

Queries, Tabular Queries Query Properties

Variables: variable wizard , variable types and processing types.
SAP- Net Weaver BI 7.0 Course Contents Proprietary and Confidential
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Restricted Key Figures Calculated Key Figures
Structures: creating re-usable structures Cell Definition
Conditions and Exceptions

Query Copy/Delete between cubes.

Unit 10: BEx Web Application Designer

WAD: Functions, web item window, template window, properties window Role Menu
Creating web applications, settings, style sheets , symbols and properties. Web Items: Tables, Text Box, Filters, Drop down box, Graph, etc.
Web Analyzer

Information Broadcasting

Report to Report Interface – RRI Hierarchy Reporting

Unit 11: BEx Analyzer

Workbook Queries

Personalize Variables
Data Area and Query Area

Unit 12: BEx Report Designer

Unit 13: Portal Interface
Web Template iView Creation
Publish Web Template in the portal

Part V: Admin & Security

Unit 14: Admin & Security

User Management
Roles & Responsibilities Authorization Object
Performance Tuning : Data Loading Performance ,Query Performance

Transports Organizer : Real business scenario on system Environment and moving objects from one system to another.
BW Statistics / Admin Cookpit

UNIT 15: Advanced / general topics

ASAP Methodology, Implementation methods for SAP and Typical project Management OSS Notes

Service marketplace

Business Analysis techniques
SAP- NetWeaver BI 7.0 Course Contents Proprietary and Confidential