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Duration: 2 Months


Introduction to SAP HANA
SAP HANA In-Memory Strategy

Look and feel

In memory Computing Studio
Administration views
Navigator View
System View
Information Modeler –
Architecture Overview
IMCE and surroundings
Row Store
Column Store
Loading data into HANA
Data Modeling
Persistent Layer
Back & Recovery

Data Provisioning

Replication Server
Replication process
Replication Architecture
Data services
Basic Data service connection types
New to Data Services 4.0
Full Extractor through ODP.
Configure Import server
Create and execute a Data service job to populate H ANA.


Purpose of information Modeler.
Levels of modeling in SAP HANA.
Attribute Views
Calculation Views
Export & Import


HANA Reporting Layer.
Connectivity options.
Crystal reports via ODBC/JDBC Connections o Others & MS Excel

User Management

Creation of Users
Creation of Roles
Creation of Role Hierarchy
Assignment of users to roles
IMCE Authorizations


Positioning and key concepts
Overview on configuration Aspects o Data Replication at a glance.
 SLT based transformation concepts. o Selective Data Replication.
Transformation of Data.
Extension of (target) table structure. o Specific Considerations.

Approaching SAP HANA Modeling

Persistency Considerations
SAP HANA Engine Overview
 Choosing views for the information Model.

Connecting Tables

How to connect tables Using:
Inner Join
Left Outer Join
Right Outer Join
Full Outer Join
Text Outer Join
Referential Join

Advanced Modeling

Creating Attribute Views.
Using Hierarchies.
Creating Restricted & calculated Measures.
Using Filter Operations
Using Variables
SAP HANA SQL – Introduction.
SQL Script and Procedures
Using Currency Conversion.

Processing Information Models

Validating Models
Comparing Versions of Information Objects
Checking Model References
Generating: Auto Documentation.

Managing Modeling Concepts

Import & Export
Copying Objects

Security and Authorizations

User Management & Security
Types of Privileges o  Template Roles



Configuring the SAP HANA Development perspective in the SAP HANA Studio (connection to HANA server, creating workspace, project and sub-packages)
Creating a Hello World application
Creating database objects via the HANA Repository
Building Repository Roles
Modeling attribute and analytical views
Creating and debugging database procedures programmed in SQL Script
Basics on XSJS & XSODATA
Calling procedure by using the XSODATA & XSJS
Introduction with UI5
Developing UIs for HANA-based applications using SAPUI5 and OData services
Creating and debugging server-side JavaScript Services
Transporting HANA content
Using SAP HANA UI Integration Services
Introduction to HCP
Various services on HCP system
Integration with HCI from UI5
Text Analysis and integrating with UI
ABAP Development Tools for Eclipse
Introduction to ABAP 7.4
New syntax of ABAP Coding in ABAP 7.4
Introduction to JSON
Convert from ABAP type to JSON and using ALV
Compatibility of previous ABAP Code in ABAP 7.4 Version.
Native SQL with ABAP Connectivity
Core Data Services(CDS)
Code to DATA with AS ABAP 7.4
Different types of CDS views
Tools supporting Transition of ABAP Code to HANA

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