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Courses Overview

EduOrk offers intensive courses in foreign languages both online and off-line (classroom). Highly qualified and experienced trainer coach students to acquire proficiency in many major foreign languages to certificate level.

The language courses offered in EduOrk is based on the requirement of the candidate. We provide programs based on the purpose of study and convenient time period or duration that is academic, exam preparation, business or employment. Candidate can select the timings and mode for the language classes. We also provide study material, stationery, audio CDs and dictionaries for the particular language during the course. Audio visual, group discussion and activity are conducted to enhance the learning ability of the candidate.

EduOrk   has tied-up with a number of partners and different placement avenues where upon completion of the course students will be offered placements. We have two modules one for students or non-working and for professional.

We focus not only in one language but in all other languages from absolute beginner to advance.    

  “To have another language is to possess a second soul”

- Charlemagne

 Why learning a foreign language is extraordinary?

• Learning another language and understanding their culture enables you to gain a more profound perspective of your own culture.

• When studying a foreign language, you improve your analytical skills and enhance you to be more creative.

•You have more value to an organization when you combine business skills with foreign language skills.

•It is considered as one of the valuable courses in many colleges because of the communication skills developed in the process.

•Foreign language study expands one’s world view and is simply part of a very basic liberal education.

•New jobs are created as a result of foreign trade, statistically, four out of every five jobs.

•It opens the door to endless possibilities such as art, fashion, music, film, dance, philosophy, science…

•Learning a foreign language can open up exciting travel and employment opportunities.

•Speaking a foreign language will not only develop your self-confidence, but will enable you to become part of two diverse communities – making you smarter and more creative.

•Knowing more than one language will enable you to communicate with more people and will expand your vocabulary.

•Being multilingual will give you the chance to learn about a new culture. You will also enjoy international movies, music and literature.




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