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Data Analytics Training

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    1. About Data Analytics

  • Unlock the power of data with our Data Analytics Fundamentals course! In today's data-driven world, organisations rely on skilled data analysts to make informed decisions and gain a competitive edge. This course is designed to equip you with the essential knowledge and practical skills needed to excel in the field of data analytics.

2. Excel(Basic+Advanced)

  • Introduction
  • Basic Data Entry in Excel
  • Basic calculation using (Sum, Subtract, Division, Multiplication, Percentage)
  • Intermediate Excel formula use case (sum if, count if, Average if,Mod , Floor, Ceiling, Mod, power, max, min,len etc)
  • Conditional Formating
  • Different filter option
  • Duplication identification and removal
  • Xlookup
  • IF, ELSE, Nested if with different logical operators
  • Time intelligence formula and use case
  • Data cleaning using (Right, Left, Mid,Trim)
  • Power query for data modelling and data cleaning
  • Pivot table and Pivot chat
  • Use of Slicer with different Pivot chat
  • Data extrac􏰀on, Transforma􏰀on and load
  • Creating pivot using two or multiple sheets
  • Data-modelling and data connection
  • Basic statistics
  • Project based on sales data , procurement data , financial data from scratch ( that include Data cleaning , Vlookup, Pivot table and Pivot chat).

3. Power Bi

  • Overview of Power bi
  • Use case of Power bi
  • Data injection in power bi
  • ETL Using Power query
  • Table connection
  • Creating Measure and Calculated Columns using DAX
  • Use case of Various chat in power query
  • Time intelligence use case and formula

4. SQL(Structure Query Language)

  • Overview of SQL.
  • Overview of Database
  • Difference b/w OLAP and OLTP
  • Basic SQL query
  • Use of where clause, group by clause, logic operator , sort by ,in , between
  • Various joint of SQL (Le􏰂, Right, Full, Union)
  • Nested query
  • Window func􏰀on
  • Creating function
  • Temporary Table.

5. Python for DataAnalyics

  • Basic python
  • Different type of datatype
  • List and it’s opera􏰀on (indexing, appending, slicing upda􏰀ng.)
  • Tuple
  • Dictionary
  • Set
  • For and while loops
  • Lambda map, reducer,zip functions
  • Pandas, Numpy , Matplotlib ,seabon package
  • Importing data from excel, csv, mysql
  • Performing various analytics task such as handling null value, Casting datatype, extracting data , custom column creating , exporting data into excel . creating various graph using matplotlib and seaborn

6. Other support

  • Resume building
  • Moc interview
  • Linkedin account creating
  • Github repository creation
  • Migration of project into github

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